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3 keys to manifesting health, strength and ...

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Stop making your self sick with stress and worry trying to manifest wealth. Concentrate on manifesting the perfect body and an optimum state of health. Happiness and wealth with then become a natural by-product and be

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Develop Real life superpowers – The W...

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Wim Hof or the Iceman as he is known is a dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold. Wim Hof holds something like 26 world records including, longest time in an ice

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The biggest Ascension Scam of all time R...

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In the first of my pulling back the curtains videos on the awakening process I want to talk about the biggest scam there is; the Ashtar command and people claiming to work for the Ashtar command.

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Ultimate technique for creating the perfect...

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Learn the 3 components every positive affirmation should contain to give it power, taken from the “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder. Later editions of the book contain an extra chapter called

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Decoding the matrix – repeating numbe...

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Learn what the numbers mean, why you’re seeing them and how they evolve and increase in frequency and complexity over time. Decode the matrix now!   REPEATING NUMBER RESOURCES  

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Ultimate law of attraction accelerator R...

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Are you losing motivation and enthusiasm with the law of attraction because you’re not seeing any results yet? The truth is your manifesting things instantly during the course of the day but you don’t notice because

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7 Early warning signs of a spiritual awaken...

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Many of the early warning signs of your awakening can appear to be negative on a surface level, and the situation is perceived as a crisis, when in fact the exact opposite is true. Your Awakening

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4 life hacks to instantly overcome SAD synd...

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The Journey to a better you can get tougher during winter especially if you suffer from Seasonal affective disorder. Sad Syndrome affects your mood, your overall energy levels and your vibration making harder to stay in

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3 keys to attracting abundance after a spir...

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Financial problems are common for people in the early stages of spiritual awakening and it’s easy to fall into a cycle of struggling to make ends meet as your navigating your awakening. We don’t have the


Top 3 law of attraction accelerators –...

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Make these 3 Law of attraction accelerators part of your daily routine to actively raise your baseline level of vibration, receive more intuitive leads and speed up the manifestation process.    CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR




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